Through 4 Seasons

Through 4 Seasons

Carlo Aonzo & Ensemble Il Falcone

Carlo Aonzo plays Vivaldi Antonio Vivaldi's 4 Seasons for the first time ever played on the Mandolin. With this CD, Carlo Aonzo expresses all the potentialities of the mandolin, playing the virtuosic and impressionistic Vivaldi of the Four Seasons, demonstrating how the four double strings of the mandolin can distinctly express the adagios while giving rhythmic power and virtuosity to the fast tempos.

We took advantage of the freedom given by the baroque praxis and we orchestrated the basso continuo with a different instrument for each season. Specifically we used the guitar for “La Primavera”, the lute for “L’Estate”, the bassoon for “L’Autunno” and the bass flute for “L’Inverno”.

A special mention must be given to the venue where we recorded this album: Santa Chiara Monastery in Genoa, a place of a dazzling beauty. Thanks in part to the sixteenth-century acoustic vases imbedded in the frescoed ceiling, the resulting sound is extraordinary.

The recording was made using a stereo tube microphone and a tube microphone preamplifier, and the sound was not re-elaborated or compressed during mastering process.

Guido De Vecchi Ensemble “Il Falcone” (translated by Giulia Alliri)

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A Mandolin Journey

Carlo Aonzo Trio

A musical journey from the Italian tradition to jazz, from classical music to bluegrass: from Europe to America and back...

A voyage through European and American music, revisiting songs chosen from among the international evergreens. The music, which can be offered in different combinations, encompasses a variety of musical genres, from bluegrass to folk dances, from soundtracks to jazz and Brazilian music, from Italian melody to a review of the classical repertoire. A "Mandolin journey" to discover, in the company of this amazing instrument, the common roots of music.

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Antonio Vivaldi Concerti

Antonio Vivaldi Concerti per Mandolino e Concerti per Orchestra

This CD features the concertos of Antonio Vivaldi performed by virtuoso mandolinist Carlo Aonzo and his orchestra of plucked instruments recorded with the natural acoustics of the church of San Lorenzo in Torbi, Italy.

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Paganini duets for mandolin & guitar

Carlo Aonzo & Rene Izquierdo

This repertoire was chosen to evoke the atmosphere of intimate concerts in which Paganini himself enjoyed using the mandolin and guitar combination. Featuring Sonata Concertata, Centone di sonate 1, 2, 3 & 5, Grand Sonata.

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Mandolin Images

Fantasia Poetica


The 18th Century Mandolin



with Beppe Gambetta and David Grisman (Acoustic Disc 47), 2001

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Paganini Works for Mandolin & French Guitar

Complete Works for Mandolin and French Guitar

Carlo Aonzo, mandolin; Sandro Volta, guitar, with the original C.N. Mandolino Genovese (Arion), 1998

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Classical mandolin Virtuoso DVD

Carlo Aonzo, Classical Mandolin Virtuoso

Carlo Aonzo, Classical Mandolin Virtuoso Mel Bay, 2008, 1999 As one of the world’s greatest mandolin virtuosos and the 1997 Winfield Mandolin Champion, Carlo amazes audiences with his renditions of technically demanding concertos. On this DVD, Carlo performs a number of his finest solos. A special feature is a mandolin/guitar duet per formed with guitar sensation Beppe Gambetta.

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Northern Italian & Ticino Folk Songs Book&CD

Northern Italian & Ticino Region Folk Songs for Mandolin

Ticino is a small area at the southernmost tip of Switzerland on the border with Italy. The Ticino region was actually part of Italy until a few centuries ago. The mandolin arrived in Ticino through immigrants and their music, and put down important cultural roots there. The mandolin style in Ticino is a link to the old Italian folk music tradition, which has been largely lost in Italy and throughout other parts of the world. This book is a collection of some of the most famous pieces from this vast historical repertoire. The collection includes lots of popular folk songs, virtuosic pieces by original mandolin composers, as well as an original Aonzo composition. The book is presented in English and in Italian while the music is in standard notation and mandolin tablature. by Carlo Aonzo & Clara Ponzoni & Giorgio Borsani

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Raffaelle Calace - "Bolero"

Raffaelle Calace - Concerto N.2 III

Victor Kioulaphides' "Broadway '79"